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Sing Tao Daily Interview | Drone Company: Diversified Performances Are Not Just for Show - Tourists are Attracted to Drone Shows

According to a new "Financial Budget" announcement, the Tourism Board will organize monthly fireworks and drone shows. It is understood that the Tourism Board started consulting local drone companies last month to explore the feasibility of such events. The head of a local company responsible for several drone shows in Hong Kong last year described drones as being responsible for attracting crowds. For example, the Wan Chai Night Extravaganza was the first consecutive multi-day drone performance in Hong Kong, attracting 250,000 visitors in a single day. The person in charge emphasized the diversity of drone shows and expressed the desire to avoid creating another "Symphony of Lights" with identical performances. The company has already discussed collaboration opportunities with more than 10 major events held in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong-based drone light show company is a subsidiary of a leading mainland Chinese company that specializes in drone formation research, development, production, sales, and flight performance services. The Chief Digital Transformation Officer of the Hong Kong company, Samuel Lam Hon Yuen, stated that the parent company has its own research and production capabilities and is currently the world's number one in the industry. In mainland China alone, there were over 3,000 drone shows last year, while Hong Kong has only had a little over 10 shows. They were responsible for the drone shows at events such as fashion shows organized by international brands, the Wan Chai Night Vibes, West Kowloon "HK Attractions"," and the New Year's drone show at the Tian Tan Buddha. They have enough experience in organizing various activities.

Samuel Lam Hon Yuen cited the Wan Chai Night Vibes as an example, where drone performances attracted over 250,000 visitors on those days. In terms of the economic benefits that performances can bring to Hong Kong, Samuel again used the Wan Chai Night Vibes as an example, stating that on days without drone performances, the stalls and shops are relatively quiet, but once there are drone shows, the stalls can make good daily sales. The effects of drone shows are not limited to Wan Chai but can also be seen in the Tsim Sha Tsui area across the harbor. Samuel described drone shows as an engine that drives the local economy, including markets, performances, and other related activities. Many performance videos and photos are widely circulated on various social media platforms, attracting the attention of event organizers in Hong Kong who seek to collaborate with the company. He emphasized that if someone wants to attract a large audience, they should collaborate with their company.

Regarding the design aspect, the company's chief designer, Kenneth Leung, stated that the length and width of Victoria Harbour are sufficient, and both sides of the harbor offer clear views. The backdrop of the city's skyscrapers is unique and cannot be replicated elsewhere. The company is currently exploring different possibilities to showcase the beauty of Victoria Harbour, such as installing art installations on both sides of the harbor and adding lighting effects. Drones offer a wide range of possibilities and can produce diverse design elements when combined with music and venue spaces. Leung emphasized that adding drones to the "Symphony of Lights" should not result in repetitive performances, as different themes and designs can be created. Leung mentioned that different units may have different themes they want to express, and they usually allocate two to three months for design. The quickest turnaround they have achieved was one month. He believes that the government needs to plan carefully, ensuring that different themes are presented at different times to seek cooperation with partners and implement practical solutions.

The company's chief operating officer, Justin Yueng , added that in Busan, South Korea, the government sponsors weekly drone shows, and visitors flock to see and "check-in" at these shows. This proves that this model works, and since there are successful examples, they do not think this activity will be a failure.

Several major events are scheduled to take place in Hong Kong this year, including the International Drone Victoria Harbour Light Competition in October 2024. Teams from China, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Dubai will come to Hong Kong to showcase their cultural and artistic performances using drones. The organizers also hope to incorporate drone shows into activities along both sides of Victoria Harbour.


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