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Samuel Lam responded to questions regarding the economic benefits of drone light shows during an interview with TVB News and Finance Magazine 02Mar2024

In the interview, it was mentioned that in October 2023, the "Drone Light Show - Waterfront Carnival" was held at the Wan Chai Waterfront Promenade in Hong Kong, coinciding with the grand celebration of the National Day. This event utilized drone light shows as an engine for "overnight visitor economy" and became a prime example of driving economic development on both sides of Victoria Harbour. Thousands of drones created stunning light displays in the night sky of Victoria Harbour, blending cultural and artistic elements into the performances and attracting over 200,000 spectators. The live performance by the St Paul Convent School Orchestra added a magnificent musical atmosphere to the entire show. In addition to the drone performance, the event also featured a variety of entertainment programs, night market retail and dining activities, as well as drone show packages offered by surrounding hotels and travel agencies, attracting both local audiences and overnight visitors.

This year, we have actively explored opportunities for win-win collaborations with various mega events economy activities and the entertainment industry. Please feel free to contact us at any time to join efforts in promoting Hong Kong's economic development!


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