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Founder of Meta Artainment Samuel Lam to Deliver Keynote Speech at Meta12 Metaverse Opening Ceremony

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Local technology start-up company Metaverse Corp Ltd held a launch ceremony for its metaverse platform Meta 12 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Wanchai on 23th Mar 2023. The scene was crowded and star-studded. Created by Hong Kong people, Meta 12 combines the advantages of virtual and real world elements, hoping to use technology to make public life no longer limited by space and region, and to meet the needs of learning, socializing, shopping, entertainment or work anytime and anywhere.

Meta12 @Meta Artainment Zone | Mr. Samuel Lam

Samuel Lam : We are pleased to partnered with Hong Kong Arts Festival and internationally renowned local architectural design firm MCG to create the first-ever Metaverse Art Theater in Hong Kong- a theatre with the concept combining the elements of art, technology and architecture in a digital living space for a brand-new Metaverse art experience, turning the theater into an interactive space and providing an online interactive platform for audiences to communicate in real time. Metaverse Arts Theater now broadcasts a series of selected programs of the Hong Kong Arts Festival non-stop. Personally, I hope someday it will become a stage where talents of any age and background can participate and demonstrate their talent to the world.

Hong Kong Arts Festival Metaverse Arts Theatre


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