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Capitalizing on Hong Kong's Mega Events in 2024: An Unparalleled Opportunity for Business Growth

In the second half of 2024, Hong Kong is set to host over 100 exciting mega events, including 15 brand-new shows, conferences, and exhibitions. This presents a remarkable opportunity for businesses to capitalize on the influx of visitors and the resulting economic benefits for the city.

Deputy Financial Secretary Michael Wong Wai-lun unveils this impressive lineup of events, spanning across 42 large-scale conferences, 25 captivating artistic and creative activities, 15 thrilling sports competitions, 13 functions focused on finance, economy, and innovation and technology, as well as 11 festive celebrations.

Seize this chance to amplify your business's growth and reach. Renowned Art Technology industry leader, Mr. Samuel Lam will share invaluable insights on the business potential of these mega events. Discover how to leverage innovative technologies like drone light shows, sailboat light show and immersive art exhibitions, complemented by the allure of night markets and entertainment events, such as concerts and orchestral performances.

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to elevate your brand and unlock the true power of Hong Kong's vibrant mega event landscape. Join us and tap into the unparalleled potential that lies ahead.


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